Lori J. Worline, M.Ed, LPC, ECMHC​​
Licensed Professional Counselor
Parenting Coach
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

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  1. About Me
    About Me
    As a Licensed Professional Counselor working with families for over 25 years, I empower parents and children to deal with life's rough times and feel confident in strengthening family relationships!
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    I will keep you updated on parent workshops, group classes, and supports to help you navigate your most challenging times.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Lori J. Worline, M.Ed, LPC, ECMHC

Counselor since 2003
Credentialed Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
Accreditated Triple P parent workshop provider
Endorsed Incredible Years parent workshop provider
Over 25 years working with children and families
Extensive training  and experience  building relationships
 Support and guidance through the rough times
Working  as a team on strategies and techniques to better equip your family on your journey
I have  been working with children and families for over 25 years.  First as an elementary teacher before becoming a school counselor and professional counselor.  As my journey continued, I realized I needed to do more to help my families navigate all the difficulties they were experiencing in their lives.  This led me to continue to educate and seek more professional growth which has enabled me to provide the highest level of strategies and techniques in reducing challenging behaviors in children. My hope is to bring families closer together and help them really enjoy these developmental years and strengthen family  relationships. Having strong family relationships is the key to having healthy children leading healthy lives and bringing years of joy!

Call now! 419-481-1852